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​​❗️Important Miners statistics

I will update this one every week while we are hanging below 10k.

New difficulty level turned out to be a bit lower due to a hash rate drop. Still, the Revenue is really low despite huge transaction fees - more than $5 in average.

It's getting clear that $9k level is NOT comfortable for Miners. As the price is stuck between the global ascending support and 10k resistance, Miners are at the crossroads. If $BTC breaks above 10k, they are safe, but if Bitcoin break the support and form a downtrend, Miners are in danger.

In case of a BTC dump, I expect almost all individuals to stop mining. This can lead to a Chinese monopoly - sounds weird when you talk about decentralized Bitcoin, isn't it?

Anyway I really hope that the correction won't last long.


1815000 23.05.2020 09:19:36
Grayscale Investments bought up to 33% of all newly minted bitcoin over the last 3 months, as the asset manager continues to stockpile major cryptocurrencies. The investment fund added 60,762 $BTC to its #Bitcoin Trust Fund between Febr 7 & May 17, a researcher posted on Reddit.

1759000 20.05.2020 23:45:29
50 BTC from Feb 2009 is moving.

That's just one month after first bitcoin block was mined. There is not a lot of people who can do this, perhaps close associates of Satoshi.

My question is why, not who, is sending 50 BTC for the first time in more than 10 years.

1757000 20.05.2020 23:14:38
Federal Reserve Balance Sheet reaches over $7,000,000,000,000. $1tn growth within a month.

1743000 24.05.2020 13:25:05
​​It's time

1531000 01.05.2020 11:08:37
Our Channel is free forever we don’t take any subscription fees.

Feel free to forward our content and share our Channel link with your friends:

Admin: @BTCMagazineAdmin
1043000 03.05.2020 23:34:57
Our Channel is free forever we don’t take any subscription fees.

Feel free to forward our content and share our Channel link with your friends:

Admin: @BTCMagazineAdmin
1042000 30.04.2020 11:28:53
​​Bitcoin mining began Jan 8, 2009.
Halving eras are 210,000 blocks (~4 years)
So why is the 3rd halving not happening in Jan 2021?
It's because the hashrate continues relentlessly accelerating; difficulty adjustments help slow down blocks, but they can only do so much.

530000 12.05.2020 00:30:00
On Friday, a transaction worth over $1.1 bln was recorded at the #Bitcoin  Block Chain for 161,500 BTCs. The processing fee was only $0.70. This transaction turned out to be the largest in dollar terms for the entirety of the cryptographic currency’s existence.

530000 06.05.2020 12:10:57
​​Bitcoin as emerging market play.

Easy to forget power of use case in developing world.

Places without developed banking/financial architecture can opt in to btc use quickly.

Great Savings apparatus for people without access to banks.

Africa to adopt before US and Europe?

529000 07.05.2020 05:20:00
In addition to printing trillions of USD the US govt is now raising USD 3 trillion by selling government bonds.

1. The bonds are worthless.
2. This new debt only covers Q2.
3. More debt required in Q3/4.

Bankruptcy and hyperinflation are inevitable. Switch to crypto & gold.

529000 05.05.2020 01:28:24
​​#Bitcoin  Bitcoin is best performing asset class in 2020, beating Treasuries and Gold, both up an impressive +21%, +13%

525000 09.05.2020 11:15:29
​​#Bitcoin 's hashrate has increased over 8100% since the 2016 halving. We were at ~1.56 Exahash at the 2016 halving. Today we are at ~127 Exahash. Miners are very bullish on $BTC.

525000 10.05.2020 10:42:24

Bitcoin Profitable Days = 87.9%

Patience Pays.


Live data chart here: https://t.co/y2bWY7ds47

524000 29.04.2020 00:40:10
05 - May CME $BTC Commitments of Traders Report (COT)

Open Interest: 7,784 (up 27.4%)

Retail net positions hits all-time-high

524000 11.05.2020 09:49:09
Bitcoin Is The Story Of The Next Decade

Bitcoin could be the great pick for the next 10 years, compounding significant returns for investors who are ‘ready’ to stomach an elevated volatility. We expec

523000 27.04.2020 10:43:26
​​Bitcoin’s correlation to S&P 500 (measured by hourly data) has declined significantly in recent weeks and is now at 0.15, which is basically negligible. About a month ago, on April 16, the correlation was reach as high as 0.53, which was an all-time high and moderately positive.

523000 15.05.2020 01:50:00
With the halving about 2 weeks away, price in relation to the bottom of the non linear regression curve is about where it has been at the prior halvings.

To be more comparable to the first two halvings, price would have to rise to about $8.5K on 5/12.

Will it happen?

521000 29.04.2020 09:35:00
Update: The #bitcoin   the hashrate has dropped almost 57% from all time high on Tuesday, to 83,259,729 TH. Miner revenues per TH dropped to ~$0.06/TH/Day after the halving, but has risen to ~$0.104/TH/Day this morning. #btchalving #BTCHalving2020

519000 14.05.2020 14:57:48
Active #bitcoin  addresses rises to 955k on May 1!

Only twice since 2009 has daily active addresses been higher than it is today:
1. June 28, 2019
2. During the bull run of Dec 2017-Jan 2018

519000 03.05.2020 11:02:58
Post Bitcoin-halving, all 3 major exchange pools (OKEx Pool, Huobi Pool, and #Binance Pool) have entered the top 10 list, meaning they are producing the most blocks on the #blockchain. These mining pools allow independent miners to combine their computing power & other resources.

518000 17.05.2020 15:50:50
​​#bitcoin S2FX clusters:

1 - S2F 1.3 -> Market Value $1M -> BTC $0.23
2 - S2F 3.3 -> $58M -> $6
3 - S2F 10.2 -> $5B -> $410
4 - S2F 25.1 -> $114B -> $6700
5 - S2F 56.0 -> $5.5T -> $288K

Beauty is that change in S2F is proportional to change in BTC Market Value (dMV=dS2F^4.1)🔥

517000 16.05.2020 10:50:00
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516000 17.05.2020 09:36:24
#Bitcoin  mining difficulty almost at its all-time high!

515000 26.04.2020 22:33:52
Post #BitcoinHalving : Inefficient miners appear to be leaving the network as hash rate has dropped 30%. It will likely recover after a period of churn where efficient miners replace less efficient operations.

515000 14.05.2020 14:44:04
​​There are now more than 3 million #Bitcoin  addresses holding at least 0.1 $BTC (current value: $975 USD).

That's 14% more addresses than one year ago today.

515000 18.05.2020 22:34:00
In just 15 days, the annual inflation of #bitcoin will go from 3.65% to just 1.8%... approximately half of the global annual inflation rate.

At this point, adoption doesn't even need to grow to sustain the price anymore. Satoshi either knew what he was doing or got really lucky.
512000 26.04.2020 19:24:12
The dForce and Hegic DeFi exploits, and why Smart Contracts are bad

The problem with DeFi is not the technology, though that's bad too — it's that people are greedy and foolish.
[Read more ...]

509000 26.04.2020 18:46:52
​​Bitcoin just ended its 313th difficulty epoch.

Difficulty dropped by 6%. This decrease was somewhat expected after halving however it's notable because negative adjustments are so infrequent--only 49 in #Bitcoin 's history. Here's some data. $BTC

509000 20.05.2020 07:55:50
​​Grayscale's Bitcoin Trust is on a whole new level in 2020.

Average weekly investment (Q1 2019): $3.2 million
Average weekly investment (Q1 2020): $29.9 million

Institutional money has arrived.

462000 25.05.2020 04:20:00
Telegram может быть запрещён в Российской Федерации ????????

У нас есть готовое решение на этот счёт:

proxy.expert - позволит использовать мессенджер даже после запрета и без подключения VPN сервисов.

???? Достаточно перейти по ссылке и нажать большую кнопку, после чего все подключится автоматически.
12000 20.03.2018 15:18:26
???? Dogecoin не просто мем.

12000 19.02.2018 07:00:56
????TRON и BitGuild заключают партнерский контракт

12000 08.03.2018 09:00:24
У Биткоина больше не осталось ни одного официального онлайн-ресурса.
Твиттер-аккаунт @Bitcoin и сайт Bitcoin.com захвачены BCash. Как оказалось, родоначальный ресурс Bitcoin.org тоже присоединился к BCash.
Пока единственным достоверным источником информации о Биткоине в сети явлется само Биткоин-сообщество, представленное на площадках Bitcointalk, Reddit.
11000 10.03.2018 06:42:52
​​????Седьмой в списке полёта на луну. Hirematch (HIRE)????

Moonshot - это альткоин, цена которого может по-настоящему улететь на «луну». Рост цены на 200-300 процентов это очень не плохо, но что если в случае с Moonshot вы сможете увеличить сумму вложений в 10 раз в течении полугода?
11000 13.03.2018 11:58:21
???? Всем держателям трона приготовиться. Либо к луне. Либо к земле.

11000 23.01.2018 17:55:38
????Топ новостей за последние 3 часа

988 24.01.2018 08:22:22
???? Первый в списке полёта на луну

978 29.01.2018 08:49:51
​​????Спящие валюты с огромным потенциалом????

Список из трех проектов обещающих хорошую прибыль (естественно при условии всех рисков), которые вы сможете купить прямо сейчас по низким ценам, прежде чем их цена улетит в космос.
978 09.03.2018 08:50:46
​​????TRON переносит дату запуска основной сети????

Недавно Джастин Сан, основатель TRON, объявил о том что запуск основной сети проекта произойдет раньше запланированного срока. Сообщество TRON в восторге от таких новостей. Между тем у некоторых пользователей возникают сомнения относительно того, как команда разработчиков TRON смогла сократить время на подготовку, тестирование и запуск сети.

Представляем вам фрагмент интервью пользователей и разработчиков в связи с данным заявлением.
976 01.03.2018 16:54:34
​​✊️Ethereum Classic, ожидания на 2018 год.✊️
973 16.03.2018 07:29:52
​​????Gemini Exchange планируют включить в листинг Litecoin и Bitcoin Cash.????

The Winklevoss Twins снова создают новый инфоповод. Благодаря интересной статье в Bloomberg, все только и говорят о двойке миллиардеров и их платформе для покупки криптовалюты: Gemini Exchange. В настоящее время их обменник по-прежнему поддерживает только Bitcoin (BTC) и Ethereum (ETH), но сегодня они заявили, что планируют добавить в свой список новые криптовалюты.
970 12.03.2018 08:21:42
???? Третий в списке полёта на луну

952 13.02.2018 11:47:18
???? Microsoft DID с использованием Blockchain

927 16.02.2018 10:41:50
​​????ETC - Краткая сводка новостей????
926 13.03.2018 07:00:19
???? Coincheck, планируют вернуть украденное.

926 28.01.2018 13:07:43
???? Nano-пушка. Причины роста цены криптовалюты и оценка её будущего.

919 23.02.2018 15:05:20
????Хардфорк NEO

911 15.02.2018 07:04:01